Week 5 SEC Power Rankings

Week four is over which means our new SEC Power Rankings are here.

Murray may make the difference against LSU this weekend.

1. Alabama 3-0, LW: 1, SEC: 1-0

The Crimson Tide had a week of rest to prepare for Ole Miss at home this weekend. There’s no doubt that no opponent will be passed over by Nick Saban, especially this season. The target on Alabama’s back is ever growing and an upset could come any week in the SEC.

2. LSU 4-0, LW: 2, SEC: 1-0

Even though the weather was dreary, the Tigers made Saturday exciting with a 35-21 victory over Auburn. Many would say that last weekend’s matchup was the toughest game so far and I tend to agree. LSU is one of the best teams in the nation; plain and simple.

3. Georgia 2-1, LW: 3, SEC: 1-0

North Texas was an eye opener for the Bulldogs and their special teams play. A few botched long snaps kept the game even for a while until Georgia finally pulled away. Quarterback Aaron Murray and the Bulldogs take on No. 6 LSU this weekend.

4. Texas A&M 3-1, LW: 4, SEC: 0-1

I believe that the Aggies are one of the most dangerous teams in college football, and yes it’s because of No. 2 receiving snaps. The guy consistently gets it done and is a threat on every play. If A&M wins out, things could get interesting at the top of the polls.

Will Murphy step up and rise to the occasion?

5. South Carolina 2-1, LW: 5, SEC: 1-1

The Gamecocks are coming off a bye week and getting ready to travel to UCF. Normally South Carolina would be viewed as a two-touchdown favorite, but I tend to disagree. I’m putting the Gamecocks on upset alert against a very talented Central Florida team.

6. Ole Miss 3-0, LW: 7, SEC: 1-0

Being undefeated is pretty cool, right? The Rebels are getting it done, but the true test will come this weekend against Alabama in Tuscaloosa. This game could end up exposing either of these teams and will likely be one of the weekend highest viewed games.

7. Florida 2-1, LW: 6, SEC: 1-0

The Gators to a big blow last weekend with starting quarterback Jeff Driskel sustaining a season ending injury. It will be do or die time for backup Tyler Murphy as he gets his first start against Kentucky this weekend.

8. Auburn 3-1, LW 8, SEC: 1-1

It’s tough going on the road against a top ten SEC team with a quarterback that has three prior career starts. Honestly it’s hard for a veteran quarterback to go into those conditions and get the win. The Tigers get an off week to improve and will try to bounce back against Ole Miss at home on October 5.

Russell will step back into the role of starting quarterback.

9. Vanderbilt 2-2, LW 9, SEC: 0-2

So far this season hasn’t been kind to head coach James Franklin and the Commodores. The opening night loss to Ole Miss really hurt the momentum that Vanderbilt wanted to start off with, but things have gotten better. The ‘Dores are 2-2 and will take on UAB this weekend at home.

10. Mississippi State 2-2, LW 12, SEC: 0-1

The Bulldogs aren’t bad; they’re actually a pretty tough team. Quarterback Dak Prescott has done good things for the team, but veteran Tyler Russell ready to come back and lead the charge. I expect for the Bulldogs to pull off one stunning upset this season.

11. Arkansas 3-1, LW 10, SEC: 0-0

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times; Arkansas is a one-dimensional offensive team. The Razorbacks are a predominantly running team, and when the ground game fails the passing game isn’t there. Rutgers took advantage of Arkansas and exposed their weakness. Look for others to do the same throughout the season.

12. Tennessee 2-2, LW 11, SEC: 0-1

You can’t expect to win many games when playing quarterback musical chairs. It’s a historical fact, not a knock on Tennessee. Until the Vols can settle on a point man, I expect the ship to be shakey.

13. Missouri 3-0, LW 13, SEC: 0-0

Bravo to Missouri reaching the 3-0 mark on the season. I surely don’t think that the Tigers are going undefeated in 2013, but 5-0 wouldn’t be a stretch. Arkansas State is next, and then Missouri opens up SEC play against Vanderbilt.

14. Kentucky 1-2, LW 14, SEC: 0-0

The SEC begins for the Wildcats this weekend when Florida travels up to Lexington. Kentucky usually plays pretty close to their opponent when at home, and I would expect the same on Saturday. One thing is for sure, the two-quarterback system between Maxwell Smith and Jalen Whitlow isn’t paying dividends yet.

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