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The search begins

AUBURN - Even as Nell Fortner finishes her eighth season as Auburn's women's basketball coach, the search is on for her replacement.

Auburn junior Blanche Alverson

Fortner announced her resignation Tuesday, effective at the end of the season. Athletics director Jay Jacobs said the search for her replacement will begin immediately. He said he will head the coach with help from senior women's administrator Meredith Jenkns.

“I’ll be heading up the search along with Meredith Jenkins, and we’re going to find the best coach for this women’s basketball team," Jacobs said. "Someone that can continue to build on the social aspect, the spiritual aspect, the mental aspect and the athletic aspect that Nell has started here. We’ll be efficient, and we’ll be thorough, and we’ll get it done as soon as we possibly can, but we’re under no time constraints.”

Fortner is 143-105 overall in her eighth Auburn season and 51-65 in the Southeastern Conference. The Tigers are 11-16 overall and 3-11 in the SEC this season with home games remaining against Alabama on Thursday and Ole Miss on Sunday.

Fortner and Jacobs said Fortner's decision was hers alone.

"I want you to know first and foremost that today is my decision, period," Fortner said. "There could not have been any more shock in Jay and Meredith’s faces when I sat down with them and told them my desire, and they have been nothing but supportive in making sure I was OK and making sure this was what I wanted, and I appreciate that from them."

For videos of Jacobs and Fortner and the reaction of Auburn players Blanche Alverson and Najat Ouardad, follow the links below.




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