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Texas Exposed

I was talking to Jeff Howe a few hours after the game. He said something that struck me.

Along with losing the game the Longhorns may have lost the faith of the fan base in their 63-21 loss to Oklahoma.

"After your house burns completely to the ground, where and how do you even start to pick up all the pieces?," he asked.

Texas' house has been burned to the ground

The offense.

The defense.

The faith of the fan base.

All of it reduced to rubble.

As Mack Brown begins his search for answers on how best to rebuild the house, he needs to first look in the mirror.

For the fourth time in 15 years, Brown took a team to the Cotton Bowl and left with a shameful result.

Mack Brown's team was outmatched in every phase of the game on Saturday.

The Horns weren't beaten soundly. They were blown out.

Like the varsity playing the JV.

For comparison, the Sooners had 400 yards of offense at half. The Longhorns had just one first down.

What's more, the Horns weren't beaten by superior talent.

They were beaten by better schemes, better game plans and, most crucially, better fundamentals.

The Horns have problems blocking and tackling, they have problems executing simple assignments on both sides of the ball. They have problems sustaining blocks on offense and shedding them on defense.

Those problems fall squarely on the coaching staff, and, particularly, on Mack Brown.

There are issues that go beyond the fundamentals.

The defensive front runs themselves out of the play as often as they run into a play. The next zone blitz that works will be the first.

The offense couldn't muster a single running play of greater than four yards for the first three quarters.

The list of problems is endless.

So where do Longhorn fans go from here?

I suspect we'll hear some hardline talk from Mack Brown in teleconferences and news conferences and perhaps from a player or two that is carefully selected for the media this week.

I suspect we'll hear calls for the head coach to go, for the defensive coordinator to be led out of town without his last initial.

I suspect we'll hear rumors and innuendo about private player meetings called by the captains, about some players calling out others, about locker room dissension.

But all of that, like a Bryan Harsin pre-snap shift, is simply window dressing.

The real truth has been laid bare. The Longhorns' house has burned to the ground.

The players need to find a way to start rebuilding that house. Their head coach must lead them.

If he or his team are not up to the task, the coach need only look in the mirror.

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