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The Coaches' Office: Grading Film

It happens every week in the fall. After each game, each position coach comes in the morning after and grades film for the players at his position. Then, the staff meets as a whole to go over grades and discuss depth chart changes before the next practice.

How are grades formulated? Former Florida and Illinois coach Ron Zook shares his insights.

RON ZOOK: "Everybody grades differently, but we used to always have an assignment and a technique grade for every single play. We always added a hustle grade. I think, number one, if the players aren’t hustling then you have problems no matter what.

The assignment: What was the player’s assignment and then the technique in which he performed that assignment? Not every player is going to be involved in every single play. If he’s lined up right, carries out the assignment and his responsibility - and does it with the correct technique and does it with hustle, then usually we are going to give him a plus.

What you’re going to do is take the number of plays that you have and divide it by the number of minus plays and come up with a grade. Overall you get an idea of if the player understands his position. Does he understand what he is supposed to be doing and is he performing it to his best ability and is he playing hard as he possibly can?

That’s how you grade players. There are going to be games where a particular player may not be involved in the action quite as much but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t play a good game."

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