Statitude: The Gus Offensive

Auburn coach Gus Malzahn has been in the college game since 2006, and most of the staffs he has been on have produced good teams. Today, we take a look at the records of those squads and some stats his offenses have churned out.

Teams with Malzahn on the staff have won 10 or more games four times.


2012: Arkansas State Head Coach 9-3
2011 Auburn Off. Coord. 8-5
2010 Auburn Off. Coord. 14-0
2009 Auburn Off. Coord. 8-5
2008 Tulsa Off. Coord. 11-3
2007 Tulsa Off. Coord. 10-4
2006 Arkansas Off. Coord. 10-4
TOTAL: 70-24

2012 Notes
-Sun Belt champs
-Averaged 34.9 points per game, 26th of 124 teams.
-Had 3,000-yard passer, 1,000-yard rusher.
-QB Ryan Aplin had a 24:4 TD-to-INT ratio

2011 Notes
-Averaged 25.7 points per game, 70th of 120 teams.
-Averaged 337 yards per game; allowed 408 yards per game.
-Michael Dyer rushed for 1,242 yards.
-Auburn had 17 TD passes and 13 interceptions.

2010 Notes
-National champs, SEC champs
-QB Cam Newton won the Heisman Trophy.
-Newton passed for 2,854 yards and rushed for 1,473 yards.
-Averaged 41.2 points per game, 7th of 120 teams.
-Averaged 499 yards per game, 7.4 yards per play.
-Michael Dyer rushed for 1,093 yards.

2009 Notes
-Averaged 431 yards per game.
-Averaged 33.3 points per game, 17th of 120 teams.
-Auburn QBs had 25 touchdown passes and nine interceptions.
-Averaged 212 rushing yards per game.
-Ben Tate rushed for 1,362 yards.

2008 Notes
-Ranked No. 2 in scoring, 47.2 points per game.
-Averaged 569 yards per game.
-Had a 4,000-yard passer and a 1,500-yard rusher.
-Team had 47 touchdown passes

2007 Notes
-Ranked No. 6 in scoring, 41.1 points per game.
-Averaged 543 yards per game.
-Had a 5,000-yard passer and a 1,200-yard rusher.
-Averaged 26.9 first downs per game.

2006 Notes
-Averaged 28.9 points per game against 11th most difficult schedule.
-Had two thousand-yard rushers -- Darren McFadden and Felix Jones.
-Averaged 378 yards per game, 228.5 on the ground.
-QBs threw 23 touchdown passes with 18 interceptions.

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