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DEEP SOUTH, USA -- Auburn Undercover went on the road in Alabama and Mississippi on Thursday and Friday to meet up with top Auburn targets in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 classes.

And, we took you along for the ride.

During this two-day road trip, we posted nuggets of information, photos and video interviews in the comments section below.

First stop -- Shades Valley (Ala.), home of 5-star DT Daron Payne.

Second stop -- Homewood (Ala.), home of offensive guard Jordan Sims.

Third stop -- Pinson Valley (Ala.), home of 2015 RB Nick Gibson.

Fourth Stop -- Madison Academy (Ala.), home of 2015 ATH Kerryon Johnson and 2016 ATH Malik Miller.

Fifth Stop -- Booneville (Miss.), to watch Auburn commits D'haquille Williams and Derrick Moncrief play for Mississippi Gulf Coast against Northeast Mississippi.

Friday's first stop -- Bassfield (Miss.), home of the No. 1 player in Mississippi for 2015 -- safety Jamal Peters.

Second stop -- Petal (Miss.), home of 2014 WR Jesse Jackson and 2015 OL Javon Patterson.

Third stop -- Meridian (Miss.), home of Ole Miss 4-star safety commit C.J. Hampton.

Fourth stop -- Hoover (Ala.), for the Hoover-Vestavia Hills game.


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