Phillip's blog: Where are the MSU questions?

In the ongoing saga of Cam Newton and his father, the spotlight has been on Auburn. But doesn’t someone need to ask some questions about Mississippi State?

Phillip Marshall, Senior Editor,

I’m not going to make assumptions of guilt or innocence, but certainly there are questions that any NCAA investigator or reporter interested in the truth would have to ask.

If, as Kenny Rogers said Thursday, Cecil Newton asked two assistant coaches for money on Friday, Nov. 27, why did Mississippi State continue to actively recruit Cam Newton until he signed with Auburn on Dec. 31? If Mississippi State coaches were as aghast as they say, shouldn’t there have been a call to the SEC office on Monday, Nov. 30?

Why did Mississippi State wait until January to alert the Southeastern Conference office?

The logical conclusion would seem to be that, if Cam Newton had signed with Mississippi State, we would have never heard about these allegations.

Did Mississippi State’s bizarre statement really say there wasn’t enough time to turn over all the evidence when asked? Really? Does that make any sense at all?

What about the fact that the three boosters in the middle of this – Rogers, John Bond and Bill Bell – were all teammates at Mississippi State in the 1980s. Isn’t that at least interesting?

The NCAA may be asking all these questions for all I know. NCAA investigators don’t talk when investigations are in progress. These questions may be being asked by the FBI. But they sure don’t seem to be being asked by the reporters who are being fed bits and pieces of information and charges by anonymous sources at Mississippi State on an almost daily basis. At least there’s no sign of it.

And that's puzzling.

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