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Phillip's blog: Some unsolicited advice

Nobody has asked me for advice, but I’m 60 years old. That means I can give some anyway.

Phillip Marshall, Senior Editor,

Some suggestions for Auburn folks as the Tigers head down the home stretch as the No. 1 team in the BCS standings.:

Stop worrying about Boise State. If the Tigers win out, they will play in the BCS Championship Game. There really is no doubt about it. If they don’t win out, it doesn’t matter anyway.

Don’t expect too much This Auburn football team could still lose one or more of its final three Southeastern Conference games, including Saturday’s game at Ole Miss.

Don’t expect too little. There is no opponent this team should fear. It could wins its next four games, win the SEC Championship Game and even the BCS Championship Game.

If you want to watch an Auburn player be named the Heisman Trophy winner, make plans to be in front of your television on Dec. 10. That’s the day the big announcement will be made. Quarterback Cam Newton isn’t far from making it a race for second place.

Don’t get too mad at Kirk Herbstreit. ESPN likes debates, and if you are going to have a debate, you have to have two sides.

Don’t get too mad at Lou Holtz either. We old people deserve a break when we act senile.

Don’t expect much from Tony Barbee’s first Auburn basketball team other than great effort. There simply aren’t enough players for the Tigers to win more than a handful of SEC games.

Though Auburn’s defense was clearly better in last Saturday’s 24-17 win over LSU, remember that was no world-class offense on the other other side.

Regardless of what happens, have a good time. That’s what college athletics should be all about.

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