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Phillip's blog: No sense of fair play?

I really wanted to focus just on football today. I really did. But there is so much misinformation flying around that I find myself writing once again about the controversy surrounding Auburn quarterback Cam Newton and his family.

Phillip Marshall, Senior Editor,

I find it astonishing that I continue reading and hearing how this is going to change college football. Cecil Newton apparently asked for money from Mississippi State. He apparently didn’t get it. Does anyone really believe that is the first time that ever happened?

The self-righteous, pompous commentators and columnists who proclaim Auburn should not play Cam Newton ought to understand the situation, but they apparently don’t.

Cam Newton has been accused of nothing. There is no evidence he did anything wrong. Auburn has been accused of nothing. There is no evidence Auburn did anything wrong.

If Cecil Newton sought money from Mississippi State, shame on him. But let’s don’t get carried away. There’s no evidence he got it. And I assure you, there are lots of instances where people sought money and did get it.

Cam Newton will play today because there is no reason for him not to play. He will play because to punish him when he’s accused of nothing would be wrong.

No, Auburn is not rolling the dice. Auburn is not going against an NCAA recommendation. But Auburn can ‘t say anything.

A difficult thing about these situations for schools in the middle of them is that they can’t defend themselves. The NCAA severely frowns on officials from any school saying anything about ongoing investigations.

Is there no sense of fair play in all of this? Would it not bother these people to punish someone who is not even accused of doing anything wrong? Apparently it wouldn’t.

The answer to that is obvious. The attacks on Cam Newton’s character, again by people who don’t know what they are talking about, over the past 10 days have been unprecedented.

These are very strange times indeed.

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