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Phillip's blog: Myths and reality

If you follow Auburn football for the past 10 months or so, you’ve heard a lot of things stated as facts. And a lot of those things aren’t facts.

Senior Editor Phillip Marshall

We’re not talking about NCAA rumors today, though we can tell you again with total confidence that Auburn has not received a preliminary let of investigation at any time since Jay Jacobs became athletics director in early 2005.

Anyway, here is a look at a few of the myths and the facts:

Myth: Alabama and LSU have dominated the SEC West in recent seasons.
Fact: Since 2000, LSU has been to four championship games, Auburn three, Alabama two and Arkansas two. LSU has won three league championships, Auburn two and Alabama one.

Myth: Auburn is a party crasher among the nation’s elite.
Fact: SEC teams have had five perfect seasons in the past 20 years. Auburn has three of them.

Myth: Defensive tackle Nick Fairley was a dirty player.
Fact: He was called for three personal foul penalties in 14 games.

Myth: Cam Newton was not an accurate passer.
Fact: That one always mystified me. He completed 68 percent of his passes, including his share of deep balls.

Myth: Tommy Tuberville’s six-game Iron Bowl winning streak came against only against down-and-out Alabama teams.
Fact: Two of the six Alabama teams Tuberville beat were 10-game winners (2002, 2005). By comparison, Alabama’s nine-game Iron Bowl winning streak over Auburn from 1973-1981 included only two wins over Auburn teams with eight wins or more.

Myth: Quarterbacks don’t have to read the defense in Gus Malzahn’s offense.
Fact: More responsibility is put on the quarterback in Malzahn’s offense than in most college offenses.

Myth: Auburn is going to be very young on the offensive line this season.
Fact: The Tigers are going to lack game experience, but they are likely to have three seniors and a junior in the starting five.

Myth: Phillip Marshall is a young, swashbuckling sports writer.
Fact: He’s older than dirt and looks the part.

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