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Phillip's blog: Mocs haven't always gone quie

There was a time when Chattanooga was a regular on Auburn's football schedule. And the Mocs used to regularly give the Tigers more than they wanted.

Phillip Marshall, Senior Editor,

In 1960, Auburn's only touchdown in a 10-0 victory came on Jimmy Burson's 100-yard return of the second kickoff.

In 1972, the Tigers had to turn away a late Chattanooga drive to win 14-7. At least one person was so underwhelmed after seeing the Chattanooga score that he wrote numerous bad checks to finance a huge wager on Tennessee against Auburn the next week. But, alas, the Tigers beat Tennessee 10-6 and the check-writer ended up spending significant time in the big house.

In 1964, Auburn actually trailed in the fourth quarter before storming back to win 33-12.

Of course, there was also a 60-7 Auburn win in 1971 and a 76-10 Auburn win in 1995. The days of Chattanooga having real chances to win are gone. Like last year at Alabama, Chattanooga players are being sent to pick up a check of about a million bucks for their school. It's not about winning.

For Auburn, it might not be pretty. This game is a chance for the Tigers to catch their collective breaths before taking on Georgia and Alabama as they try to win a national championship.

Auburn coach Gene Chizik has some tough decisions to make.

Does he turn quarterback Cam Newton, who is on the verge of winning Heisman Trophy, loose on the Chattanooga defense? Does he, with an eye on the polls, make sure his team scores lots of points?

My guess is Newton will get some opportunities to run and throw but will be out of the game as quickly as possible. I think the Tigers will score a bunch of points, but they will probably give some up, too. Chattanooga has a good quarterback, runs a very high-tempo offense and will be playing against Auburn reserves a good part of the day.

When it's over, serious challenges await, it will be on to Georgia, Alabama and beyond.

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