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Phillip's blog: Fretting about the future

College football fans, for the most part, are pretty much the same everywhere. They are passionate about their favorite schools. They shower coaches with praise when they are doing well and want them fired when they're not. They believe their players are better, classier and smarter than opposing players.

In our state, where the bitterness and antagonism often go to extremes, many have trouble enjoying the present because they worry that disaster might be around the next corner.

Actually, disaster isn't a good word. I don't think anything that happens in a football game - short of a player being seriously injured - could accuarately be classified as a disaster. I don't believe any fan has any real claim to being embarrassed by his or her team's performance.

Not just on our message board but elsewhere, I've heard more this week about Auburn's pass defense than I've heard about the remarkable 19-play drive to beat Kentucky. I've heard more about defensive schemes than I've heard about this team's refusal to lose when games are on the line in the fourth quarter.

Early in the season, fans fretted that offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn would soon leave for a head coaching job. After some struggles, they wondered if his offense was really viable in the SEC. Now they are worrying about him leaving again.

It's fascinating to witness, really.

Even though few of us understand the intricacies of the game and why decisions are made, there's nothing inherently wrong with questioning decisions or schemes or whatever. There;'s not even anything wrong with not being able to enjoy the present because of worrying about what might happen in the future. If that's what moves you, so be it.

But I have to admit I just don't understand it.

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