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Phillip's Lunchtime Musings, Nov. 19

Ten questions with no answers … yet.

Phillip Marshall, Senior Editor,

What if Auburn loses a close game at Alabama and blows out South Carolina in the Southeastern Conference Championship Game? Could it still squeeze into the BCS Championship Game?

Can Alabama, energized by the roar of almost 100,000 fans, do what no one else has done and at least slow down Auburn quarterback Cam Newton?

Could Auburn’s men’s basketball team go 0-16 in the SEC?

Is Kenny Rogers, one of the central figures in the saga of the past two weeks, as sleazy as he seems to be?

Did any of the Georgia administrators complaining about Nick Fairley notice that, nu actual count, 33 of their players came off the sideline looking to fight late in last Saturday’s game?

How in the world has Teresa put up with me for going on 35 years?

Has there ever been a football player at any school at any time better than Auburn quarterback Cam Newton has been through 11 games?

Is the SEC headed toward the same fate as the old Southwest Conference?

Why do players who lie to the NCAA lose their eligibility for good and Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl loses eight games?

When will any reporter, columnist or blogger outside the state of Alabama admit that Cam Newton’s character has been assaulted even though he has, to date, not even been accused of any wrongdoing?

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