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Obama to Tigers: 'War Eagle!'

President Obama, with a “War Eagle!” of his own, lauded Auburn’s 2010 national championship today in the White House Green Room.

Auburn coach Gene Chizik thanks President Obama on Wednesday at the White House/Todd Van Emst photo

Wide receiver Kodi Burns, who became synonymous with unselfishness when he moved from quarterback, presented Obama with an Auburn helmet and a blue jersey bearing the number 1 and the President’s name.

“This team played one of the toughest schedules in all of football last year,” Obama told the crowd. “In nine games they came back to win, including being behind 24-0 on the road against Alabama. That was an unbelievable game. I’m busy, but I watched that game.

“As senior linebacker Josh Bynes put it, those guys went out there and fought their behinds off.”

Obama entered the room accompanied by head coach Gene Chizik. He mentioned Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Cam Newton and Lombardi Award-winning defensive tackle Nick Fairley.

“As crucial as Cam and Nick were to this team’s success, obviously this is a team sport,” Obama said. “You only win it with a team that is dedicated. They had teammates like freshman Michael Dyer, who had an incredible 37-yard run on that final drive (against Oregon); teammates like senior Wes Byrum, who knew he had to knock the winning field goal through for guys that had been fighting that whole game; and obviously, Coach Chizik, who in just two seasons, helped the Tigers go from good to great.”

Chizik offered his appreciation to the president.

“Thank you, Mr. President,” Chizik said. “What an honor and a privilege. This is not just a great championship team. It has great character, great kids. They care about communities, care about service, care about doing the right things.”
Obama shook hands of each Auburn player and coach. And, for wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor, he had a chest bump.

For the video of the entire visit, follow the link.


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