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Notebook, Aug. 18: Blake on QB's

AUBURN – Junior wide receiver Emory Blake welcomed the decision to name Barrett Trotter the starting quarterback. Then again, he would have welcomed a decision to name Clint Moseley the starter.

Wide receiver Emory Blake reached out to Clint Moseley on Thursday.

“Coach Troop (Trooper Taylor) asked me a couple of days ago who did I think should be the starting quarterback. I really couldn’t give him an answer. I didn’t know.”

Blake, Auburn’s leading returning receiver, said Trotter has the confidence of his teammates.

“I’m very confident in Barrett’s ability,” Blake said. “He has a grat arm. He’s a leader on oru football team. Congratulations to Barrett for getting the job.”

FEELING FOR A FRIEND: Blake, who came to Auburn in the signing class with Moseley in 2009, said it was difficult to see his friend’s disappointment.

“I’ve kind of already talked to him to try to console him a little bit,” Blake said. “It’s tough. You bust your butt all summer long, all year long really, and you come up a little bit short. It hurts. My heart goes out to Clint. He’s a good friend of mine. I love the guy.

“It’s hard to see a teammate have to go through this. But the coaches made the decision. Barrett is the guy and that’s who we are going to go with. Clint is still a great player and still a great guy. If Barrett goes down, we need him. It was neck and neck.”

TOUGH DAY, GOOD DAY: Chizik said the reason for naming Trotter the starter was simple.

“We named Barrett the starter because we feel like that gives us the best chance to win. He has an opportunity to write his own story. It’s a tough day. We are moving forward. Our team had a great practice and was very focused.”

FRAZIER’S ROLE: What will true freshman Kiehl Frazier’s role be? Chizik said he wouldn’t speculate on that with the season-opener still more than three weeks away.

“I think Kiehl has made enough strides that we are getting him ready, as well as Clint,” Chizik said. “We know how this league is. Clint and Kiehl, their job is to prepare every week like they are going to be the starter.”

MAKING GOOD AT RB: Running backs coach Curtis Luper said he was proud for tailback Davis Hooper and fullback Chris Humphries when they were awarded scholarships last Monday. Both are seniors who had been career walk-ons.

“They’ve been with us since the beginning,” Luper said. “For those guys to come in and sacrifice as much as they do, oftentimes they are running with third and fourth offensive line. There aren’t many holes there and they take a pounding. They are part of this program. They are Auburn. They are what Auburn is all about.”

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