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Newton denies wrongdoing

Cam Newton denied any wrongdoing Friday/Todd Van Emst photo

AUBURN – Cam Newton, Auburn’s junior quarterback said Friday as he boarded the team bus that he has a clear conscience heading into the home stretch of the season.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” Newton said. “I’m blessed to be at Auburn right now. I’m sure the smoke will settle. I’m looking forward to the game tomorrow.”

Newton has been the center of a raging controversy since Thursday afternoon, when reported that a former Mississippi State player who claimed to represent Newton’s family offered to deliver his signature on a scholarship for $180,000.

Former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond said a former teammate, Kenny Rogers, approached him with the offer. Newton’s father, Cecil, adamantly denied Thursday night that Rogers represented Newton or his family.

Cam Newton said Friday he remains "blessed" to be part of the Auburn football team.

“It’s been all right,” Newton said. “I’ve had worse days. God has continuously blessed me throughout this process - me and my family, and most importantly this team.”


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