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It’s all about the timing

AUBURN, Ala. -- Nick Marshall was outstanding in leading Auburn to a 45-41 win over Texas A&M at Kyle Field Saturday.

The junior quarterback returned from a knee injury to account for 336 total yards and four touchdowns.

But there’s still plenty of room for improvement in the passing game after Marshall completed just 11-of-23 passes.

“If we're sitting here today and we hit two or three of those throws we didn't hit, we'd have thrown for over 300 yards and still rush for over 300,” Auburn offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee said. “If you saw late in the game, their safeties are five yards from the line of scrimmage, because at some point they can't help but stop that run, because there's a lot less that can go wrong running the football than throwing the football, so it's just a matter of us making enough plays.”

Some of the incompletions were drops but Marshall said the biggest area he can improve on is his timing throws.

“Throws I have to make in the game, the plays that we need, I'm going to focus on that more,” Marshall said. “...I'm progressing every game. I'm just going to keep getting better at practice and let it carry over to the game.”

The throws Marshall is being asked to complete in Auburn’s offense are different than what he’s done before.

“I think that’s been the biggest adjustment for him in our system is the timing throws instead of just dropping back and finding people, you see he’s a little more comfortable when things break down than the timing throws,” Lashlee explained. “We’re going to keep working it. Obviously, I felt Nick played a really good football game, but there were some throws out there that we got to make.

“To win moving forward, we have to make them, and he knows that. There’s some times that maybe the ball is not going to be right here, it may be here, our wide outs – we got to start making those catches to help us out. It goes both ways. Nobody’s working harder, he’s throwing it well in practice, we got to carry it over into the game.”

Rhett Lashlee interview 10-20-13



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