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How good is Auburn's coaching job?

It's official now. Auburn is looking for a coach to replace Gene Chizik. Just how good is the Auburn job? History says it's very good.

Here are five reasons Auburn is an attractive job for a head football coach:

* Five of Auburn's last six coaches have either won multiple SEC championships or had perfect seasons. The only exception is Doug Barfied. Pat Dye didn't have a perfect season but won four SEC championships. Terry Bowden, Tommy Tuberville and Gene Chizik all had perfect seasons.

* Geographically, Auburn is in a lucrative recruiting area. Players in three states - Alabama, Georgia and Florida - are as close or closer to Auburn than they are to any big-time football school. All three states produce lots of big-time players.

* Auburn has top-of-the-line facilities with more being built.

* Resources are not an issue for the Auburn head coach. When it comes to money to pay staff and a recruiting budget, Auburn takes a back seat to no one.

* Auburn's fan base is large and passionate. Once won over by the coach, they'll show up, they'll donate money, they'll do all the things a big-time football program needs.

As good as those things make the Auburn job sound, there are also things that might give a candidate at least a pause.

* The juggernaut on the other side of the state - on the field and on the recruiting trail - is a challenge some might not want to take on.

* While Auburn is in an ideal geographic location to recruit, it is the No. 1 recruiting power in few areas.

* Chizik lost his job less than two years after winning a national championship. Terry Bowden was on the road halfway through the season after losing by a single point in the SEC Championship Game. Tommy Tuberville was gone two years after going 11-2 and four years after going 13-0.

* When Alabama is rolling, Auburn fights what is often a losing battle for equal attention in its own state.

* Coaches will want to be assured that there are no significant issues with the NCAA in wake of questions being asked about an alleged grade change on the transcript of running back Jovon Robinson, who was ruled ineligible last August after reporting to Auburn. It is not thought likely to be a big problem.

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