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Carlson makes call for Auburn

Daniel Calrson, one of the nation's top kicking prospects, made up his mind Saturday that he wanted to sign with Auburn. His parents agreed Sunday, and he made it official.

Carlson, from the Classical Academy in Pike Forest, Colo., plans to sign with Auburn in February. He chose the Tigers over LSU, North Carolina, Virginia, California and others.

Special teams coach Jay Boulware was a major factor in Carlson's decision. Family played a part, too. Carlson’s parents, grandparents and two of his uncles went to Alabama. His grandparents and much of his family lives in Birmingham.

“I like their special teams program and Coach Boulware,” Carlson said. “They put a lot of emphasis on special teams and the campus is two hours away from my grandparents' home, cousins and uncles. It’s a real nice place. It’s a good school. It’s got a little bit of everything, and it’s a obviously a great football program."

Carlson said some family members will have to change affiliations.

“We have a lot of ties to Alabama, but they didn’t need a kicker and Auburn did,” he said. “I think it’s a little funny, but I’m not too concerned with it. My family will be fine with it because they will get to see a lot of games."

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