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Chizik sees progress, wants more

AUBURN – It was shortly after 11 a.m. Monday when Gene Chizik’s third spring practice as Auburn’s head coach came to an end.

Barrett Trotter hands off to tailback Mike Dyer in last Saturday's A-Day game/Todd Van Emst photo

Chizik, with the crystal football signifying Auburn’s national championship behind him, said his team made progress over the 15 allowed practices. But the real test, he said, will come over the next four months when players work on their own.

“Overall, at the end of 15 days I feel like it was very productive,” Chizik said. “We gathered a lot of information on different players that we are going to need as we move forward trying to finalize what our roster is going to look like. Our expectation is that our whole team works extremely hard to build on what we’ve started to accomplish these last 15 days. A lot is going to depend on what they do voluntarily.

“It’s going to be a very interesting summer.”

Chizik said again that the race between sophomore Clint Moseley and junior Barrett Trotter at quarterback is far from decided and almost certainly won’t be decided until August. Nothing happened in last Saturday's A-Day game to change that.

“Unless something drastic happens, I don’t anticipate us being ready to make a decision before some time in two-a-days,” Chizik said. “You never say never, but I would have to see a clear-cut, definitive change. That would be hard since we aren’t going to be out there.”

The quarterbacks, Chizik said, will play a major role over the summer.

“How do they work on their own and voluntarily grab guys up and say ‘Let’s go throw or do this or do that,’” Chizik said. “They have a lot on their shoulders. Just repititions. … What are they going to do to get the rest of the team to rally behind them?”

For a video of Chizik's meeting with reporters, follow the link below.


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