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Chizik proud of effort

AUBURN – Gene Chizik dubbed Saturday’s scrimmage “a preseason game” for the freshmen who will be called on to play in the season-opener against Utah State on Sept. 3.

Auburn coach Gene Chizik was pleased with the freshmen in Saturday's scrimmage.

“We are hoping this is going to give us a significant evaluation tool to figure out where we are going to be heading the next two weeks,” said Chizik, Auburn’s third-year head coach. “There were a lot of young guys in there today. This was their preseason game, if you will. We still have a lot of guys that have big eyes out there. That will go away with the reps.”

Chizik said he was generally pleased with what he saw in Auburn's second scrimmage at Jordan-Hare Stadium in four days.

“It appeared to me there was a little more of a comfort level today than the last one,” Chizik said. “I’m more proud of their effort. They are really trying to focus with a lot of information, especially in the pace periods. I’m more impressed with the young guys pushing through this part of camp.”

More from Chizik:

On the tempo of the scrimmage

“I was pleased the way it ended. I thought we ended with a lot of energy. We did a lot of pace today, moreso than the first scrimmage. It was good. I thought the energy was great. We had a great chance to work on a lot of special teams, had live contact on all of them.”

On the quarterback race

“We will know more when we watch the tape. All three of them did some nice things. We are more in the mindset of when we feel like a guy has separated himself and we feel like he’s the one who gives us the absolutely best chance to win, we’ll settle on that guy.”

On SEC expansion reports
“I’m focused on Auburn football. We have a great commissioner, great AD’s, great presidents. They’ll make all those calls. I’m worried about Auburn football.”

Chizik said running back Mike Dyer and offensive tackle A.J. Greene were still “beat up” and did not scrimmage.

Freshman wide receiver Sammie Coates missed the scrimmage with a foot injury. It is not thought to be serious.

Chizik said freshman Tre Mason had his second consecutive big day.


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