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Bollards go down

AUBURN -- The bollards are coming down on Auburn’s campus in preparation for the 2013 football season. At least some of them.

In an effort to add more parking and tailgating areas for fans that attend Auburn home games this fall, the Auburn athletic department, in cooperation with the University, announced the addition of more than 2,000 free parking spaces.

“It’s a top priority,” Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs said. “We did a survey and 48 percent of our people said we’ve got to have more parking and tailgating.”

Pulled up bollards, short metal posts designed to keep out cars and RV’s, could be seen on the side of Wire Road near the Carolina Draughon Village, which is one of the areas that has been opened up for more parking and tailgating.

“We took up those bollards down there and you can park about 60 cars down there,” Jacobs said. “...We’ve just got to keep working on it and pulling up chains and posts and trying to find a way to make it work without so we don’t do anything to impact the academic mission in a negative way.”

Jacobs hopes to add more parking and tailgating spaces in the coming years.

“We’ve made a lot of progress but this is just the start of it. We’re going to keep working every year to make sure we create tailgating and parking opportunities for our fans.

“...It’s going to make the gameday experience so much better for our fans.”

The Auburn athletic department took the media on a tour of the new tailgating areas Friday. The stops included:

Auburn tailgating and parking tour

***The facilities and community garden area on West Samford Ave. where approximately 1,350 new parking and tailgating areas have been added around the facilities building (500) and across the street in the community garden (850). There will be Tiger Transit stops on both sides of Samford and more buses will service the stop. They are also opening up the area around the pond for tailgating.

***A new area called Weagle woods on the corner of Donahue and Lem Morrison. The forested area has been cleared of brush and is available for tailgating. There are 315 parking spots directly across the street.

There is an additional 125 new parking spots just down Lem Morrison and the Donahue corridor will be opened up on the east and west side, which should give another 150 additional free parking spots.

Directly across the street, Ag Heritage park has added approximately 425 more tailgate spots, which can be reserved in advance for the entire season for a fee.

***Leach Lawn on Samford Ave. where approximately 25 more spots will be available and CDV where an additional 60 spots have been opened up.

There are going to be another 50 new spots available at the old track and another 20 at the intramural fields.

A map of the tailgating areas for 2013 and more info can be found HERE.

Click HERE to watch free video of the tour.

Bollards pulled up on Wire Road

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