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Blakely loves Auburn’s gameday traditions

Auburn is well known for its gameday traditions. And Saturday before the South Carolina game, Mike Blakely was able to witness them for the first time including the Tiger Walk and eagle’s flight.

“It was nice, especially with the eagle,” Blakely said. “That’s what killed me. I love the eagle.

“Tiger Walk was so much fun. Everybody says Tiger Walk started here and I guess that’s where it started. It was so nice to see tradition like that.”

Blakely, a standout running back from Manatee High School in Bradenton, Fla., was in Auburn over the weekend for an official visit.

“It was fun,” he said. “It was my official so I didn’t have to do too much. They had a big itinerary for me. I ate a lot. Talked to the coaches a lot.

“It was a great game. (Ace) Sanders, my teammate from last year, plays for South Carolina so I was kind of rooting for him and I was kind of rooting for Auburn so it was a good game.”

Blakely was hosted by linebacker Jawara White Friday and running back Mike Dyer Saturday.

“They’re both freshmen and probably the same age as me or maybe a little bit older,” Blakely said. “They knew what I liked. We hung out. We could relate, talk to each other about the same stuff.”

Blakely said Auburn helped itself this weekend. He lists his top two as Auburn and Florida with South Carolina a close third.

“It’s still a mix between Auburn and Florida, really,” he said. “I still like South Carolina.”

Blakely plans to set up official visits to both Florida and South Carolina later this fall.

“I’m going to take my time and evaluate everything and go through the process,” he said.

Blakely is still hoping to graduate high school in December and enroll at the school of his choice in January.

“If my classes come through right then I should be graduating early,” he said.

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