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With the SEC Network coming next fall, it’s not surprising that the Conference is considering more midweek games. Right now, the SEC plays just two Thursday night games a year during the season.

Many questions surround Meyer's tenure at Florida.

This year, those will be Kentucky at Mississippi State Oct. 24 and Ole Miss at Mississippi State Nov. 28. The SEC will also play in two season-opening games Thursday, Aug. 29 on ESPN as South Carolina hosts North Carolina and Vanderbilt hosts Ole Miss.

I’m more of a traditionalist when it comes to college football but I don’t mind a few more midweek games each season. The addition of Texas A&M and Missouri brought more games each week and playing one Thursday night home game once a year or once every two years sounds better than more of the dreaded 11:00 a.m. kickoffs to me.....

Concussions are a big issue in contact sports at every level so I was excited to read an article on that the University of Nebraska was developing a way to detect a concussion within 10 minutes of a collision.

The device, a mesh cap with embedded electrodes, could be available for use in a couple of years.

For the past two decades, legendary Auburn receiver Terry Beasley has dealt with the debilitating complications from at least 19 concussions he suffered during his playing career. The depression and suicides of former NFL players Dave Duerson and Junior Seau have been linked to concussions.

There is still much to learn in regards to concussions but any research that helps in their prevention, detection or treatment needs to be put on the fast track.....

For a coach who wins as much and shows as much attention to detail as Urban Meyer, it sure seems convenient how many issues he misses that seem to happen right under his nose.

I have been around and gotten to know many college coaches over the past 12 years and I find it laughable that a head coach wouldn’t know that a member of his staff had turned in a rival school for a recruiting violation.

Meyer denied in a statement to the Gainesville Sun that he was aware that his compliance office turned in Florida and former Meyer assistant coach Brian White for an illegal contact with 4-star running back Curtis Samuel from Eramus Hall in Brooklyn, N.Y. But both Fox Sports and ESPN, citing sources, reported that Meyer was aware and endorsed turning in his former school and assistant.

I don’t necessarily have a problem with Meyer or Ohio State turning in Florida for a secondary violation. It happens all the time. But spare me the denials. They don’t pass the smell test.

And there’s a foul stench still hanging over Meyer’s look-the-other-way approach to Aaron Hernandez’s three years in Gainesville, which allegedly involve a fight, shooting and multiple failed drug tests.

The latest revelation comes from the Sporting News, which reports Meyer had Hernandez fake an injury to cover up a failed drug test.

It’s just the latest dirty little secret to emerge from Meyer’s six years at Florida. I expect there’s more to come.....

There were a half dozen Auburn coaches at the athletic complex Friday spending time with 4-star athlete Myles Autry from Norcross (Ga.) High, who came over with his coach.

All of Auburn’s coaches will wrap up their summer vacations this weekend and be back for a staff meeting Tuesday. There won’t be many days off from then until next spring.

The grind officially begins next week.

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