BMATT247: Coincidence, or not...

AUBURN, Ala. -- I’m literally shaking my head. I abhor conspiracy theories and perhaps this is just an ironic coincidence.

John M. Phillips photo courtesy

Or perhaps not.

The same John M. Phillips that edited the infamous Kristi Malzahn video is the same one that is now trying to broker a deal for pictures of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel signing merchandise at autograph broker Drew Tieman’s house.

Busted coverage was one of the websites approached by Phillips about the pictures and has a story with all the details.

Manziel is reportedly under investigation by the NCAA for asking for compensation in exchange for his signature. If found guilty, Manziel could face a suspension or worse.

For those that don’t recall the Kristi Malzahn video and Phillips involvement, the sports agent/attorney admitted to that he edited the video and put it on YouTube.

“I made a parody video that went viral,” Phillips texted “Mrs. Malzahn's interview speaks for itself. It's bananas. I am not in the business of making enemies out of coaches and meant no ill will. My dad went to Auburn.”

Gus Malzahn, who had just left as Auburn’s offensive coordinator to become the head coach at Arkansas State in December of 2011, called the edited video of his wife speaking at a church function manipulative and very unfortunate.

So Phillips now finds himself at the center of two negative stories about two of Alabama’s biggest rivals. Oh, did I mention Phillips has a bachelors degree and a law degree from Alabama? And he’s reportedly writing a book on the Tide’s 2009 national championship.

Next thing you know, this guy will be representing Danny Sheridan and his fictitious Cam Newton bag man. If we could somehow connect Paul FInebaum and Harvey Updyke to this it would be like our own Sharknado.

Look, I don’t know Phillips and I certainly don’t know his motivations. But if you’re a college athlete, particularly one that plays against Alabama, and you see Phillips coming, I have one piece of advice for you.

Turn and run away. Run as far and as fast as you can.

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