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Flocking to Pasadena

AUBURN, Ala. -- Auburn sold out of its allotment of BCS National Championship tickets in a matter of days. Total Sports Travel quickly sold all of its Auburn BCS travel packages.

Malzahn has led Auburn to a 12-1 record, SEC Championship and a berth in the BCS Championship game/Todd Van Emst photo

All the seats on a fleet of 24 buses that will haul Auburn fans from Las Vegas to Pasadena and back on gameday have been bought.

Make no mistake about it, Auburn fans plan to paint the Rose Bowl orange and blue on Jan. 6.

“We’ve got the best fans in college football, and they are in it with us.  We’re all in this thing together,” Auburn coach Gus Malzahn said. “That’s the great thing about Auburn, and I’m just happy for them, our players and our program.”

Auburn’s total allotment of 22,100 tickets, the same given to Florida State, were quickly snatched up by donors, season ticket holders and some lucky students that won a lottery.

A total of 8,950 students put their names in the hat for 1,500 tickets.

Total Sports Travel, which partners with Auburn and eight other SEC schools, has sold all 1,800 of its Auburn BCS Championship game travel packages.

Seats on the BCS Bus, organized by Birmingham pharmacist Patrick Greene and his wife, both Auburn graduates, were snatched up at a furious pace.

“Within 24 hours, we’d sold eight buses,” explained Greene. “We added another four buses and they sold out in four minutes. We ended up being able to bring in a total of 24 buses, and we sold out all 24 in 72 hours.”

Greene has had to refer many Auburn fans to Starline bus company, which has reportedly lined up seven buses for the gameday trip.

Greene, who organized a similar four-bus charter to the 2010 BCS Championship game while still a student at Auburn, points out several advantages to busing from Las Vegas including cheaper airfare and hotels.

“You have a professional, insured designated driver,” he said. “We can tailgate on the bus. We’re allowing personal coolers up to a certain size.”


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