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Jackson is All In

SHARPSBURG, Ga. -- A slow start by Auburn this season. Other teams such as Florida State, Tennessee and Ole Miss pushing for him to visit.

TE Arshad Jackson

Those things just don’t matter to tight end Arshad Jackson from Lovejoy in Hampton, Ga. Jackson committed to Auburn in May and is not backing down.

“I’m not going to take those visits (to other schools),” Jackson said. “I’m going to stay with Auburn.

“...I’m still 100 percent committed -- War Eagle. I got a lot of schools like Tennessee, Ole Miss, Florida State, they all coming, but at the end of the day I’m still War Eagle.”

Jackson, 6-foot-6 and 240 pounds, helped Lovejoy to a 30-7 win over East Coweta Friday night. He only had one reception for five yards but had several key blocks, was the deep snapper on field goals and extra points and even got a couple of snaps at defensive end.

“I think I played real good,” he said. “Sometimes I have to do my job blocking-wise. The (catches) are going to come, especially in the playoffs. They always come in the playoffs.”

Lovejoy coach Al Hughes said it’s just a matter of time before Jackson has a breakout game this season.

“This summer he was devastating in the passing league. In the passing league you can’t double-cover somebody,” Hughes said. “...A.J. is a big part of our offense but they double-covered him all night. They did a good job of trying to take him away.

“Of course, that helped us with some other things.”

Jackson doesn't plan to visit other schools.

Lovejoy running back Travis Custis, a Georgia Tech commitment, rushed for 158 yards and a touchdown on 24 carries. He also caught three passes for 46 yards.

“Without what A.J. presents in there at tight end, Travis doesn’t rush for 200 yards a game,” Hughes said. “He’s such a threat to people because of his size. We put him at tight end and he blocks well. We can split him out and put him in a slot and make him a mismatch for a linebacker or strong safety. Then, we can take him and split him out to the field and he’s a true mismatch for a cornerback.

“Because of his gifted abilities, he gives you a unique situation.”

***VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Jackson against East Coweta

***VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jackson talks Friday’s win and his commitment

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