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$10 million commitment to Chizik

AUBURN – Auburn has made a major commitment to head coach Gene Chizik as he heads into his third season, national championship in hand.

The athletic department released today a copy of Chizik’s contract, which pays him $3.5 million plus incentives through the 2015 season.

If Auburn chooses to fire Chizik after one season, it would be called on to pay him $10 million. The and Gene Chizik made a significant Jan. 1, 2011 through Dec. 31, 2015. If Chizik were to leave, he would owe the university $3.5 million.

The buyout that would be owed Chizik decreases with each year of the contract. He would be owed $7.5 million after two years, $5 million after three and $3.5 million after four.

More details on Chizik’s contract and those of his assistants to come.

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